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After perhaps our best overall performance of the season, I'm sure that many members of the Bruins Nation are fearing the typical Saturday letdown.  For me, it was the first thing that came to mind after the energy of the final moments died down (no, I didn't put much thought into the court storming, I can't blame the kids as I did it myself once*).  So, when one poster asked for our Thursday vs. Saturday win/loss stats under CBH, I decided to look into it myself. As usual, I went overboard in Excel and broke it down further.  Here are some of my findings:

Day Record Win %
Monday 4 – 1 80.00%
Tuesday 14 – 2 87.50%
Wednesday 11 – 4 73.33%
Thursday 54 – 13 80.59%
Friday 10 – 3 81.48%
Saturday 53 – 33 61.62%
Sunday 14 – 8 63.63%

Every day should be Tuesday?More numbers after the jump.

Granted, there are sample size issues here but if you throw out a loss from this squad earlier in the season we are 14 and 1 on Tuesdays with our only loss being to Michigan St. in Michigan.  Of course, the more important stat here is 33, CBHs number of losses on Saturdays.  That's twenty more losses than he's had on Thursdays in one fewer game:

Days of Prep Record Win%
0 10 – 2 83.33%
1 37 – 22 62.71%
2 17 – 11 60.71%
3 24 – 7 77.41%
4 44 – 10 81.48%
5 9 – 1 90.00%
6 12 – 8 60.00%
7 1 – 1 50.00%
8 0 – 0 NA
9 0 – 1 0.00%
opening game 6 – 1 85.71%

less than 4 88 – 42 67.69%
4 or more 72 – 22 76.59%

Let's petition the NCAA for a six month season.  These numbers are a little tougher to decipher as our zero-days prep record is bolstered by some impressive pre-season and Pac 10 tourney runs while our six-days prep numbers are hampered by stiff competition (final four losses, Kansas this year and as much as it pains me to say it, tough rivalry games).  The question then seems to be, why has CBH fared well on little to no prep against OOC opponants and generally struggled on little prep against Pac 10 squads?  To illustrate my point:

Days of Prep OOC Record Pac10 Record
0 6 – 1 4 – 1
1 12 – 3 25 – 19
totals 18 – 4 29 – 20

Those OOC numbers are even more impressive when you consider the opponants (wins against Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Michigan St., Southern Illinois, Temple, Alabama, Memphis, Kansas, Western Illinois, Texas A&M and Xavier, losses to Butler, $C, Florida and Villanova). Given his credentials on short notice against OOC opponants, do you think CBH might just be too predictable year-to-year?  Is Howland like a pitcher that has been figured out by the batters in his division but still causes trouble in interleague play (okay, I'll admit I haven't cared about baseball since I was 12 and don't even know if this is a plausible scenario but it sounded like a good analogy)?

Alright, my girlfriend is asking what I'm stil doing on the computer. Anyone else with any thoughts as to the meaning of these numbers?

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