In praise of Abdul-Hamid

I'm not going to say he's the answer to all of our worries, but it was clear last night that Abdul-Hamid deserves to be in our regular guard rotation, and before JA. Heroics aside, he wasn't a star, but his play was solid. Yes, he gave up the shot with about 4 seconds left, but we all know that if we actually sat players for blown defensive assignments we'd have at best 1 1/2 players on the court.

I had to laugh when FSN showed the graphic highlighting the academic achievements from both schools. For UCLA, Abdul-Hamid, with a 3.83 GPA in a dual major (communication studies and global studies, per the official web site), honor roll in all 10 of his quarters at UCLA. For UW, whichever player it was, with..."The highest GPA on the team." Woo-hoo!

I nominate Abdul-Hamid to be the subject of the next 'UCLA: Student Athletes/Winners' commercial.

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