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Center Court: UCLA Basketball (v. Washington State) Open Thread

Well if anything else I guess there is no shortage of drama when it comes to UCLA basketball even if our team is going through depressing and dread full season. Saturdays haven't been kind to Howland's Bruins this season. We haven't won a single game on Saturday this season. We are also 0-2 on Sundays (someone should probably double check that because I am recalling Long Beach State and Kansas games off the top off my head). Even during Howland's best years we have sometime had issues on weekends (relative to his stellar record on other days). LVBruin has some very interesting numbers on "Howland's Saturday Slump".

I have no idea whether the 8-10 (3-3) Bruins will break that pattern today against a decent 14-5 (4-3) Washington State Cougars team which historically (at least until last season) hasn't been very decent (2-51) in Pauley. Those guys are coming off a huge win against Southern Cal and will no doubt are chomping at the bit to get out of LA with a huge speed. As for the Bruins, not sure how much we are going to have in our tank to replicate the magic from Saturday night. We have fell flat on our faces on previous Saturdays following big Pac-10 wins. Guess we will find out when the game tips off at 1 pm PST (FSN and Prime Ticket).

Don MacLean will be doing the color commentary today which should be fun (he will help ease the nonsense that will surely come out of Barry Tompkin's mouth). You can read up on all of our musings leading up to this game here. If you want to follow the game online you can do so via our official site. As always, we will be here in the game threads with our rapid fire takes and commentary. So let's get this party started. Fire away.