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Recruiting Roundup: UCLA's Momentum, More On Marsh & Interesting Roster Move(s)

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We have less than a week to go till signing day. Seems like all of us have recruiting related tidbits in our mind almost every day. So might as well put up another thread with some news and notes related to UCLA. Last week Anthony Barr's commitment created a big splash around the college football world since that battle was a show down between CRN and Brian Kelly from Notre Dame. This week it's been the Cassius Marsh story. Ted Miller is noticing how the Bruins are closing strong:

UCLA's recruiting class, presently ranked 17th by ESPNU, may be moving up.

The Bruins need defensive linemen, and Rick Neuheisel secured a commitment Tuesday night from one of the best in California: Cassius Marsh (Westlake Village, Calif./Oaks Christian).

Gold from the Daily News interviewed Marsh's Oaks Christian high school coach - Bill Redell - following the commitment:

"When he went back for the Army game, he was away from home for a week, and I think he recognized - and this shows some maturity - that he didn't like being away from home."

Marsh's commitment is the latest in high-impact pickups for the third-year UCLA coach. Loyola running back/linebacker Anthony Barr - Scout's No. 10 outside linebacker - picked the Bruins over Notre Dame on Jan. 21.

More importantly, Marsh comes from the hotbed of talent that is Oaks Christian, joining UCLA along with Lions teammate Malcolm Jones, the No. 3 running back in the country.

But most importantly? Marsh will join a Bruins defensive front decimated by the departure of superstar defensive tackle Brian Price to the NFL and the graduation of Korey Bosworth, Jerzy Siewierski and Jess Ward.

Meanwhile, there are some movement on the roster side that could potentially give us a little hint of what might be going on in the recruiting world.  Let's go over to the other side.

Chris Foster from the LA Times tweeted (HT BlueReign):

DT Connor Bradford will move back to the OL. He had moved to defense last August.

I am also hearing that along with Bradford, Sean Sheller might be moved back to OL as well. Those moves should stock up the OL roster for next season.  I wonder though if the coaches are feeling confident about certain defensive players who they are on during these closing days? Should be very interesting. I will be absolutely floored if they somehow managed to land both Heimuli and Owa. I think Owa is going to be an all out battle against Nebraska and Oregon State. The depth chart is going to be very interesting at that spot after signing day and I still think we should consider moving Nate Chandler over to DL, where he has the potential to shine.

Also, speaking of recruits three of our current commits - Malcom Jones, Chris Ward and Kip Smith - were named in the Parade All American team. We could potentially have more in that team as other familiar names such as Owa and Hayes Pullard (who will be a fantastic get for our LB corps if he commits to Bruins) are also in the team. Gold has the link on his blog.

So that's what I got for today. Let us know if you are reading other info related to recruiting we haven't spotted yet or hearing information for credible sources that we should keep in mind. College football recruiting has never been so much fun in Westwood.