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Bruins Quash Overmatched Beavers Hope For An Upset Victory In Corvallis

Well the Beavers were fired up and ready to go.

They were all excited after their big win over Southern Cal to finally break their 9 game losing against the Bruins. The timing seemed to be perfect as Howland's tired squad limped into Corvallis after an over time loss against Ernie Kent's struggling Ducks (at least before they took on the Bruins). Yet it wasn't meant to be for the Beavers, as their slow and unathletic bunch served as the perfect bail out package for this year's mediocre Bruins.

Yes, Howland's Bruins came out on top which was a fairly ugly, boring and unwatchable basketball game between two pathetic teams. The final score was 62-52. I guess if I had to pick a player of the game for the Bruins, it would be Michael Roll, who finished the night with 11 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds. He was instrumental along with Tyler Honeycutt in Bruins effectively attacking Oregon State's 2-3 zone with some beautiful passes getting the ball inside.

Here is the box score from Yahoo! that shows the Bruin shooting 62 percent from the floor and attempting only 9 3 point shots (with our "shooter" Rago going 1 for 5 from the floor).  Amazingly we actually made most of our FTs this evening going 12 for 15 from the charity stripe. On the defensive side our guys did a good job of bottling up Calvin Hayers, limiting him to 16 points with only 5 makes in 20 attempts. Hayes is probably the only guy in the Beavers lineup, who could potentially break into the top-8 of the Bruin rotation, which is easily the most underwhelming one since Howland's first season in Westwood. 

Yet, somehow the Bruins were unable to put these guys away due to unfocused and ugly effort on both ends of the court. Bruins turned the ball over 22 times resulting in 20 Oregon State points. As I said above, it was not a pretty game to watch.

With the win, 10-11 Bruins are tied for the 3rd place in the conference with a 5-4 record. However, I wouldn't get too excited. This win was ugly and didn't give us much hope that things would change in a hurry against in the near future. Bruins didn't give us any reason to be confident about holding serve against the Bay Area teams during upcoming homestand, and then going on the road against Southern Cal and Arizona schools.

Guess the only salvation this season is that Pac-10 is the worst major conference in the country with only one team which will be eligible for the Big Dance. If there is any team from this conference that at this point of time has an outside shot at an at-large bid it would be the Cal Bears. Otherwise, for rest of the conference except for the Trojies their only shot will be to win the Pac-10 tourney. The way the Bruins played during this road trip getting a split perhaps the two worst teams in the conference, doesn't exactly provide a lot of hope. I will be surprised if this bunch - which is getting close to getting dubbed as Ben Ball Clowns - can get another victory on the road.

I don't know about you but it is hard to get excited about the next game knowing we are going to be treated with another 30+ mins of Rago Ball. Thankfully the signing day is just days away, which will keep us occupied and give us some other things to think about other than this year's dreadful basketball team.