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[UPDATE] Time Out(s): Broncos Show Major "Disrespect" For The Chiefs

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Need to switch up to football because I can't believe this hasn't been brought up on BN yet. So how many of you guys took in the NFL action yesterday. And I am talking about the game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs yesterday afternoon over at Mile High. Surprised gbruin our other BNers from Colorado haven't alerted us to this yet. I had been waiting for them to speak up on this.

So, I am just going to point out what took place when KC took over up 44-24, after intercepting Kyle Orton on their own 23 with just 2:43 left in the game:

1st and 10 at KC 20 J.Williams up the middle to KC 22 for 2 yards (V.Holliday).    
Timeout #1 by DEN at 02:37.    
2nd and 8 at KC 22 M.Cox up the middle to KC 24 for 2 yards (L.Smith).    
Timeout #2 by DEN at 02:33.    
3rd and 6 at KC 24 J.Williams right end to KC 29 for 5 yards (L.Smith).    
Timeout #3 by DEN at 02:25.    
4th and 1 at KC 29 D.Colquitt punts 65 yards to DEN 6, Center-T.Gafford. A.Smith to DEN 2 for -4 yards. Lateral to J.Barrett to DEN 7 for 5 yards (M.Brown).    
DRIVE TOTALS: KC 44, DEN 24, 3 plays, 10 yards, 0:18 elapsed

Play by play courtesy of WWL.

So what happened there? How come KC didn't dial up the bomb to show up the Broncos?

I am not hearing any Chiefs (especially Trojan alum - Kansas City QB - Matt Cassel making the argument that Josh McDaniel (Broncos Head Coach) had disrespected them. Of course KC didn't throw a bomb in response to Broncos' TOs and did the classy thing by trying to run out the clock.

It is still mind boggling to me there are few so called Bruin fans who are out there who think CRN "asked for it" when he called TO in that last regular game of the season. 333 days to go.


UPDATE (N): Per Patroclus Denver-Kansas City was not only example from yesterday's NFL action:

Although I did catch part of that Denver/KC game, the ending of the 49ers/Rams game earlier in the day seemed to be a closer analogue. 49ers had a 21-6 lead late in the game and gained possession inside Rams territory, and called a series of running plays, each of which would have led to the 2-minute warning if not for Rams timeouts (and a personal foul) stopping the clock after each play.

Mike Singletary (a gutless wimp, I imagine Petey would say) responded to the timeouts by continuing to call basic run plays. The 49ers did score a TD on the 4th play of that series; not due to any tricks, or a desire to get the Rams, but b/c the Rams defense suck and could not contain on D.

As Westwood Wiizard pointed out in the thread below, wonder Splashme will call out McDaniel (and now Singletary) as brats? GO BRUINS.