New 2010 Football Schedule: More Exposure For Bruins On National TV

When Texas Tech announced that their football game versus Texas in 2010 would be on September 18, there were fears that UCLA's game with the Longhorns would be moved. The date of the clash in Austin, TX could be moved or the year the two teams played could be moved. Well, it is the date that has been moved. Today, UCLA announced their 2010 football schedule and in addition to the Longhorns and Bruins on ABC in prime time, the entire schedule features more national exposure than UCLA has ever had.

New 2010 UCLA Football Schedule (Tentative)
Sept. 4 at Kansas State
Sept. 11 Stanford on ESPN or ESPN2, TBD
Sept. 18 Houston
Sept. 25 at Texas on ABC, 5:00 pm PT
Oct. 2 Washington State
Oct. 9 at California
Oct. 16 BYE
Oct. 21 at Oregon (Thurs.) on ESPN, 6:00 pm PT
Oct. 30 Arizona
Nov. 6 Oregon State
Nov. 13 at Washington
Nov. 20 BYE
Nov. 26 at Arizona State (Fri.), TV and Time TBD
Dec. 4 USC

Before the 2009 college football season has come to an end, the Bruins already have two prime time national games for 2010 and another confirmed national game. Odds are the Arizona St. game will also be a national game (although whether it is ESPN or FSN will be determined later) and the USC game will likely be on ABC so long as both teams prove to be national players.

With national signing day just a month away, you have to look at this type of exposure and smile because you can bet it will help with 2010, 2011 and 2012 recruiting. It will also allow the entire country to see the blue and gold, which should benefit the athletic department in their negotiations for a new apparel and equipment provider. The ease with which our Bruins in exile will be able to see CRN's bunch is a plus too. Needless to say, this is definitely a football program on the rise. The question is how far it will rise.

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