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Bay Area Basketball Podcast (Tues. 6 pm PST)

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The Bruins are heading to the Bay Area 1-1 in Pac-10 play. That's really not too bad, but it was the manner in which the Bruins lost to Arizona that has most UCLA fans upset. We'll recap UCLA's opening Pac-10 weekend at Pauley Pavilion tomorrow at 6 pm PST, then get into this week's trip to the Bay Area. The week starts early this week with UCLA in Berkeley to face the Bears on Wednesday and a trip to Palo Alto to play Stanford following on Saturday. To preview Wednesday's game versus Cal, we'll bring in a writer from California Golden Blogs, SBN's Cal blog, to talk with and get the skinny on the Bears.

The show goes live at 6 pm PST tomorrow and you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. We'll have an open thread up as well so you can get your comments and questions in, which we'll look at work into the show.