Breaking (Via BRO): Honeycutt to Replace Anderson in the Starting Line-Up

This made my day.

According to Tracy Pierson of Bruin Report Online:

Tyler Honeycutt....

...will start on Wednesday.

Anderson is being disciplined for being late for training for his injury.

Malcolm Lee will start at the point.

Howland said he was uncertain if this would be a one-time thing or not.

To me, this change was the most obvious thing in the world. Lee and Roll at guard, Honeycutt at small forward and the usual combos of ND, Keefe, Lane, Morgan and Nelson at 4/5.

(This was on BRO Premium so I can't link it -- but since I believe Howland said it at his press conference, I don't think there is any reason not to reprint it.

I'm a happy man right now.

UPDATE (N): Gold quotes Howland on the decision:

""The one thing he adds to our team is the ability to rebounder," Howland said. "Tyler is a good rebounder. Per minutes played, he has to be first or second on the team."

It will be interesting to see if Howland sticks with this line up even if Anderson gets healthy. GO BRUINS.

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