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Center Court: Ben Ball (California) Open Thread

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Well I certainly appreciated some of your earnest efforts to strike hopeful tone going into tonight's game. lol However, I am never going to be able to muster up fake enthusiasm. :-) I am still dreading what is about to unfold at Haas Pavillion tonight. As I wrote last night in terms of outcome, I don't think we have any good realistic options for tonight. Guess the start of Tyler Honeycutt (and some of drama around it) will make parts of this game interesting. Not sure if that is going to make any difference against a talented and very well coached core of Cal Bears basketball team. They along with their fans will be extremely hungry for some payback for their recent heartbreaks courtesy of our Bruins.

The tipoff is schedule for 7:36 pm PST. We have had some great back and worth the CGB folks leading up to this game. You can catch up on all the notes over here. As for TV broadcast, once again we have some good news/bad news re. TV broadcast. The good news is that we will get to see the game on TV via FSN/FSW (and it's even better than it's not going to be on WWL so the (expected) potential debacle is not going to take place in front of a large national audience). The bad news is that we will have to suffer through the typical worthless color commentary of (insufferable Bay Area homer) Barry Tompkins and Marques Johnson.

Anyway, if you want to follow the game online you can do so via our official site. As always, we will be here in the game threads with our rapid fire takes and commentary. So let's get this party started. Fire away.