Corp leaves $C but Cheatey pimps Barkley (again)

As Nestor recently reported, backup QB Aaron Corp is leaving $C. Cheatey Carroll (in today's LAT, no link, emphasis mine) had this to say:

“He’ll get a chance to play right now,” Carroll said. “I think it’s a big statement about Matt Barkley. Aaron’s a great kid and I hope nothing but the very best for him.”

Corp is making a "big statement about Matt Barkley" by leaving? Meaning that Corp knows that Barkley is God’s gift to the universe and no one else can or will ever play QB while he is there? That’s what Cheatey intended because of his unwavering man-boy love for Barkley.

I think the more reasonable explanation for the transfer is that Corp knows that Cheatey’s man crush on Barkley means no one else will ever have a chance to “always compete.” I highly doubt that Corp does not believe he is up to competing for the starting job right now. Remember that Corp was awarded the starting QB job by Cheatey then, when he got hurt, he lost the starting job even when he came back healthy. In other words, Corp lost his job to injury which, I believe, is a sucky way of running a team.

Stay classy, Cheatey, and take good care of your boyfriend, Matt, who Cheatey pimps at every opportunity. Sometimes players don’t perform as well as you hope and sometimes they get injured, too.

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