(Cowardly) Chetey To The NFL (Escape Southern Cal's Scandal Ridden Program)?

Bumped. Recruits across Southern California should be taking note. Southern Cal has already lost two high profile transfers this week and Joey has jumped off the ship. GO BRUINS. -N

The Glorified Substitute Teacher Is Looking To Jump Off A Scandal Ridden Trojan Ship - Media Reports (Thanks again goes out to snipestreet dot com for that priceless screen cap)

I know this seems to be coming up yearly around this time of the year, but according to Chris Mortenson on SportsCenter and Adam Schefter is also reporting that Chetey has been in contact with the Seattle Seahawks and they have "mutual interest" and the Seahawks would allow Pete to become GM as well as coach which is something that he has said to want if he is to go to the NFL.

I tried to find a link on Field Gulls, the SBNation blog for the 'hawks but didn't find anything up on their site. If anyone finds any articles online about this feel free to delete this post and put that one up.

UPDATE (N): Story up on tWWL (N):

[A] league source said Carroll is interested in the job and is trying to persuade USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to join him in Seattle -- as opposed to Bates pursuing the same position with the Chicago Bears.

Said another source close to Carroll: "You're about to see a big headline that shakes up the major college football world," in reference to the Seahawks' development. The Seahawks did not confirm Carroll as a leading candidate but also did not deny it.

What's the deal Cheatey? Afraid to com"pete" when you might have to play within the rules in coming years? Are you a coward? More updates after the jump. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): More details from NBC Sports (N):

With no coach and no G.M., Carroll would likely be given full control of the football operations.  Many believe that one of his first orders of business would be to hire Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio and CBS to handle contract negotiations and player evaluations.

Mort also reports that Carroll would bring with him to Seattle his current offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates.  The former Broncos quarterbacks coach has been contacted by the Bears, given that Bates worked well with quarterback Jay Cutler in Denver.

Right now on tWWL Mortensen is sticking by his story. Petey is anxious to prove he wasn't a miserable failure in the NFL, which of course is not true if you ask any Jets or Pats fan. He was exposed as nothing but a glorified substitute teacher when he had to play within the rules. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N): Apparently per the LAT the Sea Hawks have already interviewed Cheatey:

The Seattle Seahawks, who today fired coach Jim Mora, have targeted USC's Pete Carroll as their next coach, The Times has learned.

A Seahawks contingent including CEO Tod Leiweke interviewed Carroll in Los Angeles earlier this week to gauge his interest in replacing Mora.

ROFL. What's the deal here Peat? All I can say thank freaking God, the Niners are not involved with this sleazebag. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE IV (N): Taking the discussion over Cheatey's possible escape from prison over here. GO BRUINS.

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