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Cowardly Cheatey Pete Carroll Looking To Escape Out Of A Scandal Ridden U$C*: More Updates

Well this story is DEVELOPING very FAST now. So let's do a new thread.

It's coming from so many different sources including from people close to Cheatey, Southern Cal and Seattle per the reports. So might as well start a brand new thread with more updates as they develop.  Here are multiple tweets from Mortensen from tWWL who has been all over this story:

# Ready to talk on ESPN about who Seahawks are targeting…big news if it happens. about 1 hour ago from web
# Pete Carroll is the guy Seahawks are targeting. It is expected to happen, according to sources. Just reported to ESPN 10 minutes ago. about 1 hour ago from web
# Pete Carroll’s test message back to me on Seattle: "You know I haven’t responded to a NFL question in two years." 14 minutes ago from web
# Filing to ESPN: Many sources now confirming Carroll and Seahawks looming marriage, 13 minutes ago from web
# Pete Carroll’s text message back to me on Seattle: "You know I haven’t responded to a NFL question in two years." ha! it wasn’t a `test’ msg 11 minutes ago from web

Thanks KSBruin.  More after the jump.

Apparently Cheatey has already reached out to DeWayne Walker:

Also, Carroll has reached out about assembling a coaching staff for the Seahawks gig, which included reaching out to UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker.

Man we can make so many observations if that scenario comes true. Speaking of scenarios UCLA Class of 86 has some ideas on why this might unfolding:

The f**kin' slimeball is bailing just in time to cement his "legacy." Remember, it’s all about Cheatie and how others perceive his tainted tenure.

If he stays another year or two, and the NCAA somehow decides to finally punish just$c*, he risks being exposed as a fraud who rode the coattails of "student athletes" who were paid big money (cars, houses, etc.) to play in South Central.

If he leaves now, and the program takes a huge dive instead of just arcing downward, he looks even better to those who turn a blind eye to what everyone else in the world knows has been going on for the past 7 years.

Keep it coming guys. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE (N): Ted Miller is now on the story. No new info. but Ted points to the most important reason why Cheatey is looking to escape:

Even more important: The NCAA's case against Reggie Bush might be coming to a head. With Bush losing his attempt to force confidential arbitration to settle a lawsuit filed by a would-be sports agent who allegedly gave Bush cash and gifts while he played for USC, testimony for the case will be made public. Testimony that the NCAA could use to sanction the football program.

So maybe Carroll wants to get out while the getting is good.

In other words he is being a coward and doesn't want to face the (possible) music. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (P): On the idea that Carroll would become Coach/GM in Seattle SBN’s Seahawks blog cites an ESPN report that two candidates for Seattle’s GM position have canceled scheduled interviews with the team.

UPDATE III (N): Adande tweets:

Football source on Pete Carroll to Seahawks: "Done deal. Done done done deal." That's not 100% confirmation, but I'm inclined to believe it

Thanks Avi. GO BRUINS.