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Cowardly Cheatey's Escape Thread Cont: Speculation On Candidates/Recruiting Consequences

Per the updates in our last post it's looking lot more than just mere speculation that Cowardly Cheatey Petey might be high tailing out of South Central Los Angeles for a job with the Seattle Seahawks. While this is not a done deal yet we have lot more than smoke signals. So let's chat a little about possible coaching candidates for a scandal tainted program (here is our two year old list) which should be facing severe sanctions from the NCAA if the allegations involving Bush, McKnight, Mayo and who knows what else is beneath the surface stories were to be proven true.

Some names that come to mind instantly:

  • Mike Riley (Oregon State Beavers)
  • Jeff Fisher (Tennessee Titans)
  • Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Of course all of those guys have Trojan ties. Couple of other guys with Trojan ties (specifically Pete Carroll ties) are Steve Sarkasian and Lane Kiffin. Plus the Trojans can always elevate Ken Norton to take over their program. No? More after the jump.

None of those names above the fold really worry me all that much. A factor that might be in play per Ryan:

The most interesting thing in this whole story to me is what kind of say Garrett has in the hiring of the new coach. It will tell us a lot about the state of their athletic department and how they handle it all could provide some insight into what they think the NCAA will do to them. Going after O’Neil for basketball told me a lot and it proved to be right. We’ll see what happens with football.

As Blue Reign responded to that observation, we have to assume any possible candidate will want a full and honest (if that is possible over at South Central) briefing re. possible sanctions. Meanwhile, the news will potentially have definite consequences in recruiting. I can think of two names right off the bat:

  • George Uko
  • Robert Woods

Any other names we should be thinking about. Let's discuss it in the open thread. If you see more updated stories please share them in the comments. I will update them as I can. If I am not around hopefully other frontpagers will update my post.


UPDATE (N): From Pete Thamel's tweets (NYT):

I’m on campus at U.S.C. Pete Carroll hasn’t been here all day. Not a lot of optimism that he’s staying.
Gotta love the USC SID Dept. They handed me a piece of paper that said, “We have nothing to report. Perhaps check with the Seahawks.”

Thanks WW. Just classic. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): Field Gulls (SBN's Seahawk's Blog) now bracing (and welcoming?) Petey as their new head coach. Also from Adam Schefter of tWWL:

Interesting point to note: Seahawks chairman Paul Allen and CEO Tod Leiweke fired Jim Mora in Los Angeles, where Pete Carroll lives.

Suddenly I am going to really really care about watching Niners-Hawks next season. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N): Mandel (SI) calls it a conveniently timed "get out of jail free" card:

Whatever the eventual result, it sounds like the Seahawks showed up this week with a conveniently timed "get out of jail free" card. Carroll can stay at Heritage Hall and ride out the storm, or he can move on to a fresh new challenge. His ego would certainly welcome the opportunity for NFL redemption, but he'll need to be assured the type of all-encompassing authority over personnel decisions he's enjoyed at USC -- and which he's long lamented to be a pitfall of coaching in the pros. Nick Saban returned to college largely for that very reason.