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As Expected Bruins Implode & Embarrass The Four Letters Against Stanford

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Well can't say I am really surprised by what took place up in Maples this evening. Bruins follow up a lucky win against California with another Saturday humiliation. It was another Saturday of mind blowing turnovers, matador defense of uninspiring and pathetic basketball by a Ben Howland coached team. The final score was 59-70 debacle. It should have been lot uglier given how bad the Bruins looked this afternoon. Here is the box score.

Nikola Dragovic - the fire "starter" - set the tone early. He got roasted in his first defensive possession leading to a Stanford score. Then he got schooled by Fields (and happened time and again rest of the game), threw up an ugly looking airball layup attempt, and then turned the ball over. Thankfully Howland sat him down and the Bruins with Keefe and Lane made a little run to give us hope in the first half. It didn't matter though. As I said the tone was set.

Rest of the team (except for Reeves Nelson) sleepwalked and went through the motions to look like bunch of lifeless zombies against a very average Stanford team. I don't understand how the Cardinal let the game be so close even though we turned the ball over a pathetic 21 times. Bruins looked like a joke.

I don't really have any positive to take from this game. Michael Roll followed up his game winner with an awful performance. He was responsible for number of key turnovers and simply was atrocious on defense. Speaking of atrocious Malcolm Lee probably had his worst defensive performance as a Bruin as he looked helpless against Jeremy Green who finished with 30 points.

I don't have to add anything on Dragovic. Jerime Anderson looked clueless. I can't get really encouraged by flashes of positive signs from Honeycutt, Nelson, Bobo or Lane. The main problem with this team is that they are not guys of who are mentally tough.

Also, I don’t really care much for the whining about SPTRs. We are so bad defensively and are so sloppy on the offensive end those calls wouldn’t have made much of a difference. And why would the team play with any sense of urgency when Howland keeps playing guys thinking they will get “hot” from the 3 point line, while they screw around on all other aspects of the game. If the Trojans play like they have most of this season – with heart, intensity and passion – they should throttle these posers next week.

Yep, at this point after what we have seen from these guys up to this point of the season and what we have seen from Kevin O'Neil's Trojans, I fully expect those guys to come to Pauley and humiliate us on our home court. It's the Trojans who have been playing Ben Ball, while the Howland coached basketball team have been flailing around like they play for Just$C.

Ed O, JR Henderson, AA, JF, LRMAM, LMR, RW and DC would be disgusted if they watched the game today. The core of the current basketball team embarrassed the four letters - AGAIN - today. It's getting old.