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Saturday Night Recruiting Open Thread: Burning Of Cheatey's Troy Edition

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It's just bizarre. I am hungry for any football related news and tidbits right now to take my mind completely off the expected hoops debacle in Stanford. So let me share with you some fresh takes around the internets which also includes news on Cheatey Petey's attempt to lure Norm Chow to Seattle. It appears to be nothing more than just a trial balloon FAIL.

First, let's start with the Sporting News, which lists five reasons why the Trojies will not recover from losing their Cheater In Chief. Reason number three happens to be:

3. Rick Neuheisel

This is the break UCLA needed. There are too many positives, and the Bruins have made too many recruiting strides in three seasons with Neuheisel, for this program not to blossom. It likely would've happened with Carroll at USC; now it will get there quicker. Don't underestimate Neuheisel's ability to recruit—and don't underestimate how much easier it will be without Carroll's indomitable presence at every city high school. It's all about procuring players, and Neuheisel already was winning a handful of head-to-head battles with Carroll. It wasn't that long ago that UCLA won eight straight in the series (1991-98) and owned Los Angeles.

We all remember that eight straight (something Trojies can only dream about) pretty well.  As expected the status of Trojan recruiting class according tWWL looks pretty uncertain (See also the piece in fanshotted by uclafan11). The picture is not looking pretty for the Trojies:

Four-star wide receiver Kyle Prater (Proviso, Ill./West) has backed off a verbal to the Trojans. The 6-foot-6, 210-pounder was an early enrollee and was only a couple of days away from heading to Los Angeles to start college. Expect him to take a long look at in-state Illinois and perhaps Notre Dame or some other programs now.

"I really don't know what to say. I'm pretty shocked. I'm just trying to get with my family and my head right," Prater said. "I'm not going to be in Los Angeles on Monday. It just hurts. I really don't know what to say. I wasn't told of anything. I just need to sit down with my family."

Junior college tackle Brice Schwab (Palomar Junior College) has reopened his recruitment after hearing the news.

"I am decommitting," he said. "Since I am a junior college guy, I am going to return to my junior college and see what happens. I am sure other colleges will be interested, but I really haven't had a chance to get any information together. I am trying to get living situation and stuff like that done. I want to be a Trojan, so I am going to see what happens with the coaching situation."

Hmm. We can definitely use some bodies at DT. I wonder if Schwab has the grades and scores to get in (it's always tough to get JC football recruit to get admitted into UCLA). However, if he has the numbers, I imagine the staff already had him scouted out pretty well.

Of course the guys we have to keep our eyes on includes players such as Robert Woods, Xavier Grimble, George Uko, and Dietrich Riley. More after the jump.

UCLA staff got on Riley so fast that he is of already taking an official visit to UCLA along with few other recruits who had the trip on their schedule. That brings me to this story. Apparently stories are being floated about Cheatey Petey supposedly trying to lure Norm Chow to Seattle.

How LOL funny is the story about Cheatey trying to go after Chow? Well first of all Chow is under contract with UCLA at least through next year and he already made it clear that he was coming back next year. Secondly, guess what Chow was doing today. Of course he was entertaining all those recruits today which included an outing at Gladstones in Malibu. So, once again those stories are nothing but desperate wishful thinking on the part of Petey and his former (guess we can use the start former now, right?) lapdogs who are flailing around as their recruiting continues to dissolve into a state of total dishurray.

So, if you are hearing or reading more news on recruiting please share them in this thread or throw them up in our fanposts or fanshots. Let's enjoy the Saturday by watching the slow burning down of Cheatey's Troy.