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Expected Hypocrisy, Concern Trolling Bubbling Up Among College Football "Pundits"

It looks like the pre-emptive hit piece from Chris Foster "reporting" about 3 UCLA players getting suspended (and then listing all isolated incidents with disciplinary issues under Rick Neuheisel without any context whatsoever in terms of Neuheisel taking strong actions to address them) has had its intended effect. Scott Reid immediately followed yesterday afternoon by putting up a BS post about 6 UCLA starters getting suspended and voila now everyone is in a frenzy.

Jon Wilner is concern trolling up north about UCLA being in "chaos." Now we have Ed Cunningham from "ESPNLA" (a former Washington Husky - yeah, I am sure he is totally impartial and objective when it comes to Neuheisel) concern trolling about the need for a "cultural shift" in Westwood.

So here is an assignment for everyone on BN. Can anyone point to articles, columns, blogposts or TV segments from these guys or the LA Times or any of ESPN's "college football gurus" about Cheatey Petey's program being out of control from 2005 to 2008, when his players were getting arrested and accused of charges such soliciting hookers, assault with deadly weapons, sexual assaults, spousal battery, beating up students on campus, creating racist Facebook groups, and also getting accused of taking in hundreds of thousands in illegal benefits? Can anyone point to anything Ed Cunningham wrote or Jon Wilner wrote around 2006 or 2007 expressing concern about "chaos" or the need for "culture change" in Cheatey Petey's program?

For some reason a list like this never showed up in the Trojan Times while apparently it had no problem running a pathetic list on Neuheisel without providing any context or the detail that he actually immediately took actions in suspending and in some cases kicking the players out of this program. It is comical to see Ed Cunningham talk about "cultural shift" when he conveniently omits the fact that it was the coach from his alma mater and couple of other Pac-10 schools who swooped in to snatch (no pun intended) three players Neuheisel kicked out for allegedly stealing bagpacks.

Was there any concern trolling of the need for "culture shift" in the LA media and ESPN despite what we saw for years? Here is a hint how the media in LA treated Pete Carroll. Uh here is Bill Plaschke from the Los Angeles Times in 2006:

Carroll has worked hard to build that rare dynasty that follows the rules.

And there was Jill Painter in the Daily News just earlier this year:

Pete Carroll is everything that's right about college football. He is college football.

What is wrong with these people and their sick profession? Discuss.