BN Thursday FBS Talking Points (10/14/10)

Bumped. Let's use this as an open thread for those who are watching football on tWWL. GO BRUINS. -N

Bittersweet week, a stress-free BYE week? Or another way for the football gods to mock us? Here are some great matchups for this weekend.

(Thursday Night Game, 4:30 pm PST on ESPN) South Florida @ #25 West Virginia

Surprisingly enough, West Virginia and USF are, statistically at least, really middle of the group teams ranging from low 50s to mid 60s in every statistical category. So, while rankings might say otherwise, this could be a competitive game. Noel Devine is one of the greatest runners in the nation, and with that explosive nature, is closing in on Pat White for the most 30+ yard rushes since 2004 (via ESPN)

Another interesting point:

Geno Smith and the West Virginia offense have had success this season when spreading the defense out by lining up with four or five receivers. Smith is 17-for-18 with 242 yards and 2 touchdowns when five receivers line up in formation before the snap.

More on weekend's headline matchups and Pac-10 tussles after the jump.

Headline Matchup/s:

I am currently torn here; do I respect the Big 10? Or do I hand things to the SEC here? There are two, huge, championship deciding type games going on this week. Here’s the first one:

(4:00 PST, on ESPN/ESPN 3D ZOMG!!) #1/2/3 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin

Just as I dismissed Terrelle Pryor from my book of good QB’s, he turns things around completely. He can run, and boy, he can pass now. ESPN and the Heisman committee will hand him the “grace" Heisman in he wins out by the way.

On the other hand, the Badgers are a whopping 40-4 at Camp Randall since 2004; and believe me, that place will be jumping on Saturday (wink, wink).

This game should be a good one; if Pryor makes mistakes, Wisconsin will have their shots, but if he doesn’t, the Buckeyes will be tough to stop. Recent history proves that mistakes will kill you in this matchup


[Just last year,] The Buckeyes needed 3 non-offensive touchdowns to get the win in Columbus.

(12:30 PST, on CBS)  #12 Arkansas @ #7 Auburn

Why do you torture me Toledo Blade? Why? Anyways, Arkansas and Auburn are gonna put up some points. Guys like UCLA’s all star QB Ryan Mallet, and Auburn’s duel threat QB Cam Newton are going to be decisive in what should be a great game on all accounts. Auburn is undefeated, by the way, so watch out as, in case you didn’t know, the SEC Championship is unofficially known as the Semi-Finals for the National Championship.

Ryan Mallet is pretty dang good, ranked second in the nation in passing yards, and can air the ball out a little, “completing over half of his passes thrown at least 20 yards" (Via ESPN). Expect him to make a lot of people’s final ballot for the Heisman poll.

Also, if UCLA played Auburn, we might have a shot...

Cam Newton is absolutely tearing apart opponent blitzes this season. All five of the Auburn quarterback's interceptions have come when the defense has dropped back at least seven defenders into coverage.

Touche’ Bullough, touche’.

PAC 10 Matchup of the Week

I hate to give it to em two weeks in a row, but Cal makes up for them;

(12:30 PST) Cal @ Southern Cal

Cal’s top 20 defense against Southern Cal’s top 20 offense? Kevin Riley should be integral against Southern Cal’s porous secondary, but that means he has to throw the ball. Expect a struggle, but the win should go to the better coach when teams are playing strength vs. strength. It would be awesome for Cal to get its first week in LA since 2000 this weekend, and take the wheels off of the Kiffin-Mobile.

Feel free to mention any of the things I didn’t, throw it in throughout the day. Enjoy!

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