Reid and Maya Show Colors

In a rather predictable article about the inconsistency of Bruins Football, these two Register writes show their Trogan Bias.

Maya: Bruins fans are louder on message boards and blogs than they are at their home stadium. I don't know where these expectations come from.

Reid: From across town. Trojan envy

The disquiet among Bruins fans is based solely on the teams inability to compete against good Pac-10 teams. The Trogans don't have a quality win, and we certainly don't envy anything about them.

IMO our inability to compete lies with the offense and defensive lines. When we controlled the line of scrimmage, vs. Houston and Texas and against Washington State's defense, we dominated. Against Cal and Stanford, we were blown off the ball on both sides.

You can't win when you are being sacked 7 times.

Until our younger lineman mature, we will be in the same boat.

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