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Building a Playlist: Soundtrack For UCLA Football's First 6 Games Of '10

<em>Sticking with our guys through our (blue and) "golden road to ultimate devotion." </em>
Sticking with our guys through our (blue and) "golden road to ultimate devotion."

Well I think we have made it through perhaps one of the toughest weeks we have ever had Bruins Nation since we started the party more than five years. Let's see if we can end it on a different note. Instead of talking about the football team and what they need to do to get back on track for now (we will plenty of post on that topic in the coming days), let's shift gear a bit and try something different.

UCLA football in last 12 years has been full of blues. These days when I start watching the familiar sight of offense looking totally out of sync and defenders flailing away in their attempt to tackle, instead of yelling at the TV, I usually sit comfortably numb, just shaking my head and often thinking of tunes. So might as well share some with you and hope you will do the same in this thread.

I can only imagine the soundtrack we could all put together around UCLA football. So why not give it a shot today. I will put up some videos of tunes that have gone through my head in last few days while thinking about UCLA football. You throw up your suggestions in the comment thread. Together I think we can put together a pretty interesting playlist for 2010 UCLA football team. If you don't care about music you might just keep this thread. If you are into it come with me after the jump.

I will start with the obvious one that was going through my head towards the second half of last weekend. Wondering how we could just twist and turn away from the wreckage that was unfolding in Berkeley:

Of course Saturdays like those always turn into Sundays when reading through the meltdown of gnashing and wailing of post game threads, fanposts and fanshots, I find myself without a "lotta answer" feeling like not having "the time to write my mind - the way I want it to read":

Of course we did have that glorious Saturday in Austin after which I am sure everyone felt like "dancin in a ring around sun" (enjoying one of our sweetest recent stops in our golden road to unlimited devotion):

It's too bad those feelings didn't last too long. We knew this season was going to be a struggle given our OL issues. Yet had no idea we would all feel  -"struck deaf and dumb" - following our first home game of the season:

Just like the boss said some of the things that has been "happening" this year, shouldn't be "happening" in Westwood.

Well, I heard per Rick Neuheisel's request the following tune was played during second half of the Houston game, which helped the team rebound at least for a little bit for couple of more games:

Sure did in Texas. Anyway, guess we keep coming back here because we always believe a new day will be rising: That was for peggysue. lol Anyway, I will end with a simple but one of my favorite tunes of all time. The lyrics can be a little downer but if you listen to Eddie closely if you will find him ending this with a vibe that is ultimately optimistic and upbeat:


Waitin', watchin' the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop.

It will sooner or later.

 I can go on and on and with tunes. But I will turn it over to you for rest of this Friday night to build out rest of this play list. Hang in there everyone. Okay one more before I go: