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BN Bye Saturday: Special Open Thread

Well here is the best part of this Saturday. There will not be any need for any kind of gnashing and wailing in a post game thread no matter what happens in any game today. In some ways we like by week because it allows us to sit back, relax and just enjoy the beautiful game with its incredible sights, sounds and traditions all over the country.

Of course the headline game today is Ohio State's visit to Camp Randall (4 pm PST). Apparently Ryan is hanging out in Madison. He is a lucky man. It should also be interesting whether Texas can even hang in there with Nebraska (12:30 pm PST). The Iowa-Michigan game is going to be interesting for me because want to see how the Wolverines react after last weekend's tough loss against Michigan. In the Pac-10, I guess I will keep an eye on Oregon State and Washington. Sean Keely from SBN has the day's full lineup here. Of course 03rdn9 also put up the talking points on today's key games here on Thursday night. You can keep track of the full scoreboard here.

So if you are watching the games this bye Saturday, share your quick takes, observations right here is our special bye week open thread. Have fun.