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BN Gameday: Oregon Second Half Thread

There is not much to say here as we get ready for second half. As we expected so far it has been a total bloodbath in Eugene, as the number Oregon Ducks are in the process of annihilating, dismantling and embarrassing the Bruins. The score is 3-32 and it's now just a matter of whether the Ducks are going to hang 70 on UCLA. Here is the box score if you care to look.

While we expected a Bruin demolition, but the effort from UCLA coaching staff in the first half was embarrassing. Rick Neuheisel is coaching like the classic Terry Donahue disciple with the mindset of playing not to lose. He essentially conceded defeat when he punted on Oregon's side of the field and settled for the FG. Bruins playcalling on both offense and defense have been predictable, vanilla and at times just cowardly.

The coaching staff doesn't believe in this team and believe they can win. I don't see why we should be doing the same. Guess Ryan will have the post game thread up when the massacre is complete out in the Westcoast. Good night.