The End of the Beginning

Ah... Where to begin?  Last night's simple domination was something to behold, wasn't it?  I've dreamed of having a football team that looked like that for years.  I personally believed that every Bruin fan deserves a football team like that.  I've heard the excuses why it's a pipe dream: "We have too high of academic standards," "We're a basketball school," "We're a state school we can't afford it," "We don't have a winning tradition," and on and on and on.  To all this I say Eff that.  To the first point, oh really, what about Stanford?  To the second I say, why is it so crazy to believe we can't be both?  To the third, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona can alllll do it, why can't we?  NORTH CAROLINA can do it (academic and eligibility issues aside).  And to the final point, we've had plenty of success in football.  Excuses are no longer cutting it, and acceptance of embarassment is one of the most embarassing parts of our football program.  It's a vicious cycle.  We expect to lose, we have no confidence, when we have no confidence, no fans show up, and the fans expect us to lose.  This extrapolates into paying coaches, facilities, deals for tickets for the fans, even into players we'll take a chance on who could help our team.  It all snowballs, folks.

Ok.  So this program is mired in mediocrity.  We are stuck.  We are up to our eyeballs in unwatchable football.  We've discussed why, but what do we do?  I believe it all begins with the assistant coaches.  They are the ones that work with the players FULL TIME and it's their job to teach our kids the basics.  You know, all the things that seem to go out the window against Cal, Stanford, and Oregon.   You know, winning teams.  Fundamentals like tackling (proper body form, wrapping up), pursuit angles, maintaining gap integrity, preventing cutback lanes, defensive ends containing, safeties, i don't know, playing their position!  And on offense, finishing your blocks, setting your feet before you throw, checking down (no Richard and Kevin, not staring down) your recievers, holding on to the football, the list goes on and on and on.  Football 101, taught since these kids were in pop warner.  It is glaringly obvious to me, our assistants are not getting it done.  I give credit to precious few.  Bob Palcic has done wonders with our offensive line.  They have a long way to go, but they're improving.  Clark Lea, I believe has done quite well, despite an overagressive Akeem and an ineffective Westgate (he seems to always be ineffective in the games we get dominated, and no I don't care how many tackles he has, he gives up HUGE plays), and Todd Howard has done an acceptable job with our defensive line, which could have been a disaster, and largely was last night against oregon. 

The ones that are completely imploding?  First up, Reggie Moore, Chuck Bullogh, and whoever is coaching our secondary.  Our recievers had some flashes last night, however, I will not be patting them on the back since the game was well out of hand by that point.  Their performance up until last night has been, for lack of the appropriate word existing in the english language, abysmal.  Chuck Bullogh might be the most overmatched defensive coordinator I've ever seen, very similar to the Nick Allow-a-lotti days.  I know, ironic right?  He is the Jay Norvell of the defense.  Just... awful.  No blitzing schemes, poor coverages, no scheme to even impress oregon, no press coverage, nothing.  The same goes for the secondary.  Time after time, play after play they were burned consistantly by Oregon recievers.  Helped of course by no pass rush.

I miss Carnell Lake, I miss a defensive coordinator.  I miss Eric Scott.  There I said it.  I miss the day when we had peopel that could teach the game of football to our players.  We need some serious heads rolling at seasons end.  Bullogh MUST be gone.  MUST.  He is inept, ineffective, and cannot maximize our players abilities, and to make it worse, every single o-coordinator in the conference seems to have his number now.  Reggie Moore needs to be gone as well.  In a later fanpost, i'll discuss the player and scheme moves that need to be made.  But this is my rant as it stands for now.  Change is gonna come, as they say.  We need it sooner than later.

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