UCLA goes on a five game winning streak finishing the season 8-4.

Yes, can you believe it our BRUINS have done it. We have won all of our five remaining games of this season. Just when you thought that our football program was headed for destruction, CRN did the unthikable, first he had a coaches meeting and told them that if they did not coach to best of their abilities for the remainder of the season, that they would not be back for the 2011 football season at UCLA. CRN also sat out Prince for the season allowing Brehaut to become more confident with the offense and more confident in his throwing ability. Brehaut finished the season with an 89% completion rate.

Oh and the practice sessions were also much different since the 13-60 loss to Oregon. You could see a diffence in the team spirit and determination. At every playing position, every one was focused at doing the best for the team, much like the powerhouse schools of the SEC.

Why did it take so long and pay with such of a humiliation price to change things? I don't really know, but my personal belief is that Dan Guerrero had enough of the pathetic contribution from the Bruin coaching staff and demanded an immediate change. Dan believed that the solution was not in running the pistol offense with more success or making the tackles on defense, which are all valid points, but that the Bruins anemic and inconsistant performance was the direct result of the Bruins coaching staff. The coaching staff took a vacation from doing their job letting down the team and the Bruins fans.

Go Bruins

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