NCAA and NFL Working Towards Additional Penalties For Taking Benefits

We've discussed time and time again here on BN how college players taking money and other benefits from agents, runners or anything of the sort is getting out of control. While most schools at least try to follow the rules and monitor their kids, unlike a few schools, the fact is that a school cannot follow every student-athlete around 24 hours a day to see if they're following all the rules. Well, it looks like the NCAA and the member institutions might finally be getting a little help.

Players who lose their college eligibility for receiving improper benefits from agents could face financial penalties upon entering the NFL draft under a proposal being considered by a panel of college and pro football officials seeking solutions to the problem.

The NCAA noted the possibility of "potential post-NCAA financial penalties" in a news release Monday announcing the collaborative discussions between professional and college football leaders, player agents, state law enforcement officials and NCAA executives.

The possibility of suspensions during a player's NFL rookie year -- as long as 6 to 8 games -- is also being discussed, according to two sources involved in the collaborative discussions including representatives of the NFL, the NFLPA, the NCAA and the American Football Coaches Association.

Now, this is something I've been calling for in the last few years and I won't even pretend like I'm special in asking the NFL and NFLPA to help out here. Pretty much everyone has said that the NCAA is powerless without help from the NFL and NFLPA and they would need help even if they weren't a bunch of bumbling buffoons.

I would have zero problem with the NFL stepping in to suspend players who were found to have knowingly broken rules while in college, but I want to know what the NFLPA is going to do about the agents. They too should be punished for going after these kids while they are still in college. Anyways, this is a positive step for the NFL to try to help out what is essentially their minor league system.

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