[Update ] An Update On Tyler, Our Gutty Little Bruin: A Story of Strength and Perseverance

UPDATE (N): Well this is becoming an amazing story. We had set a goal for raising $2,000 dollar for Tyler earlier this afternoon. In little less than 5 hours we have now blown past this goal. So why don't we dig a little deeper and make this even more special. If you haven't chipped in, any way can you step up and help us get past $4,000? The power of this community and the words - "Bruin Family" - is pretty clear. Let's take another step and make an emphatic statement for our own Gutty Little Bruin. GO BRUINS -N

Bumped. Tyler is our own very special Bruin.  If you consider yourself a member of this community, we really hope you can step and show your support by donating through this worthy cause. I can't think of a better example to show what the words "Bruin Family" mean to everyone who loves those four letters. GO BRUINS. -N

It's been far too long since I've given everyone an update on my son, Tyler.  Most of you know him as this guy:


uclavswsu-3 (via insomniacslounge)

The reason I haven't been around here much lately is because unfortunately, for most of the summer, his days were spent more often than not like this:


IV start (via insomniacslounge)

And to be completely honest, this was one of his better days.

Tyler received a bone marrow transplant a little over a year ago, and he has been met with complication after complication since that time.  And back in July, it seemed as if one of those complications, graft versus host disease of the lungs, was going to claim his life.  His lungs were filled with and surrounded by fluid, and breathing was only possible with pressurized oxygen.  He was in ICU and his doctors only gave him a 3% chance of survival.  But Tyler has been one to defy the odds his entire life, and this time was no different.  He battled through his lung episode, getting a little bit stronger each day, until ultimately, his lungs were clear and he was once again breathing on his own.

"Always battling" has been a theme around our household for awhile now.  Well, battling is what his parents call it.  For Tyler, it's just been "living."  The amazing thing about Tyler is that he will always enjoy each day to its fullest.  On some days, that just means joking around with family, doctors, and nurses in his hospital room.  On other days, like earlier this month when an incredibly generous alumnus heard Tyler's story and hooked him up with some VIP tickets, it means watching his Bruins play football from the alumni suite in the Rose Bowl:


press box (via insomniacslounge)

It hasn't been the easiest journey, but throughout it all, he has been an inspiring example of strength and determination, and a reminder of the importance of making the most out of the time we are given. 

As you know, Tyler loves UCLA.  It seems fitting that very soon, Tyler's own personal journey and the spirit of what it means to be a Bruin will soon be intersecting at the 3rd annual Dribble for the Cure event at Pauley Pavilion.  Tyler will once again be joining the basketball program in raising funds for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and we're hoping you can join us as well.  Last year, Tyler was in the hospital during the event and unable to attend.  This year, we are very hopeful that he will be able to enjoy the festivities.  It would be great to see as many of you as possible at the event, but whether you can attend or not, you can support Tyler's cause by donating to his personal page

If you choose to donate, your money will have two important effects.  Not only will you be supporting important cancer research and hospital facilities, but you will also be strengthening Tyler's spirit.  Tyler has been advocating for cancer research and treatment for as long as his own battle- almost four years now- and I can tell you with all sincerity, that seeing the donations come in, from friends and strangers alike, is a tremendously uplifting and heartwarming experience.

Thank you all for your support throughout all of this.  As I've said many times, we're all so lucky to be a part of the UCLA family.


(Tyler's dad, and class of '95)

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