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Let's Keep It Going For Our Gutty Little Bruin

<em>Let's keep it going so that we can have insomniac come back with more pics like this sometime soon!</em>
Let's keep it going so that we can have insomniac come back with more pics like this sometime soon!

Well I was thinking about sharing some specific thoughts re. the conservative playcalling and UCLA offense tonight. But I think I will table those thoughts for another day and keep the focus on something amazing that is happening right now in our community.

Earlier this afternoon insomniac gave us a little update on Tyler - our very own gutty little Bruin - and asked us for a little support by helping raise funds to fight cancer. The starting goal was to raise $2,000 by the end of this week. We blew past that goal in less than 6 hours. We had a gut feeling that we were not going to have problem meeting that goal by the end of the day but the response this afternoon was frankly astonishing. We are all blown away. Thank you to everyone who have pitched in. It means more to us than we can put in words.

As mentioned, we have doubled our goal to raise $4,000 for Tyler. We just passed $3,100 and are less than $900 from meeting that goal too. We are going to keep this post up for rest of tonight.  Let's blow through that goal soon (perhaps by the end of the night?)

The response from all of you have been so mindboggling that SBN now has insominac's post linked up on its main page and also in its college football section. You have heard us throw around the terms "community" and "Bruin family" a lot around BN. Last few hours prove once again proves the power behind those four letters and how they keep all of us together.

It has been tough few weeks for all of us given the "struggles" of our football team but thanks to insomniac and Tyler we all got a collective jolt of much needed perspective. We also got much needed reminder of how all of us are so blessed to be Bruins and have each other as a family.