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So I got my hands on our film for the first time and couldn't help but put something together. My favorite feature of the Pistol Offense, at least in terms of specifics, is the amount of misdirection and motion in the backfield on nearly every play. Gus Malzahn is really the master at this kind of game-planning using the saying "Clouded minds means slow feet," in other words, if a defender has to choose who to pursue, he goes away from instinct, therefore reducing his speed and athleticism.

Here are some of the concepts if found in the Texas game.

Draw Concepts

F-Back Counter Motion

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F-Back Pro Motion

F-Back Slide Motion

F-Back Swing Motion

Jab Motion

Triple Option Motion

Veer Kickout

End Around

WR Slide

Draw Concept:

I started with this concept because it isn't actually in the Pistol concept... actually, it is only effective in the shotgun. I don't think that this play involves a read, but more of a "decide in the huddle thing," as Kevin Prince has the option to keep the ball off of the mesh point.

This play has been in the playbook since 2008, and has never been this effective. It is a simple concept, but with the right down and distance, can be a real weapon for over-agressive defenses.

F-Back Counter Motion:

This play uses a zone blocking scheme, and with the addition of that F-Back's kick out, gives UCLA a huge advantage at the LOS. The second play is a botched play, but the line appeared to be shifting down... or Presley has some crazy reactions... maybe a little bit of both.

F-Back Pro Motion:

This play is actually pretty cool, since it really uses the Pistol's Pro roots to the fullest. The line uses chip blocking, double-teaming up to the linebackers, with the F-Back kicking out the end, not unlike a regular pro offense would.  Expect to see a lot of this play in the coming years, especially with an increasingly talented offensive line.

F-Back Slide Motion:

This type of motion is really useful for many different reasons. In this game alone, it is used in the Jet Sweep concept, the passing game, setting up the Horn play, and believe me, it can set up a lot more.

F-Back Swing:

This particular play is used in short-yardage/goal line situations. I'll put up a post a little later about UCLA's Goal Line playcalling, but notice how it can set up the outside and inside running game, as well as play action, and the screen game. It is versatile, but can go south real quick... similar to USC's Swinging Gate Play for PAT's.

Jab Motion:

This play almost always sets up the Horn Play, and can force another defender in the box in an attempt to seal out another defender when the ball goes to the outside. Chow uses it as a test, but it also, eventually sets up the pass out of the motion as well.

Triple Option Motion:

This motion is one of UCLA's most used concepts, and turns out to be really useful when Texas stopped playing assignment ball and started over/under-persuing the ball-carriers. This has turned into a staple, and should be useful as teams start loading the box, opening the window for the pitchout.

Veer with Kickout:

This particular play doesn't always have motion, but the misdirection with the line veering one direction, and the F-Back coming back across. The defense can lose keys really quickly, especially at the Linebacker level. As KP or any of the QB's start feeling more comfortable, this play can really become another one of those staples for the offense.

End Around:

I like this play, especially if UCLA can get into the secondary. If you watch closely, the strong safety is caught in between the wide receiver and the running back, and has to respect both, no matter who has the ball. If UCLA can bust one, it will go to the house.

WR Slide Motion:

Just like the F-Back, the slide motion is going to be very versatile, especially with guys like Josh Smith back there. The Veer play is also ran with this motion, as the WR becomes the kick out block instead of the primary blocking F-Back. This misdirection of personnel worked very well against Texas as UCLA busted a big run, as well as a Touchdown on that concept.

Credit to Roswellbruin for the film download. More film breakdown to come.

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