Strength of schedule: UCLA's first four opponents

LVBruin did an excellent analysis of our strength of schedule last week, pointing out that our first four opponents were then 14-2, with the two losses coming at our hands. Two of those four teams lost what are now the #3 and #7 teams in the coaches poll. Those opponents are now still an impressive 14-4, as both K-State and Houston had bye weeks. Stanford had a strong first quarter against the Ducks before falling to pieces, and Texas had a respectable game against Oklahoma. The coaches now rank those teams #29, #18, #32, and #26 in order of our schedule. (Yes, I'm ignoring WSU - despite their decent showing against us until Bullough figured a few things out, we all know they haven't, won't, and shouldn't get any national attention.)

Interestingly, in the AP poll, we're only five spots behind u$c - they're #28 and we're #33. We haven't been that close to them for quite a while.

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