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BN Gameday: Arizona Second Half Thread

Another Saturday, but the same story. The Arizona Wildcats came out of the locker room and put a quick 7 points on the board. While the Bruins answered with a Touchdown on the ensuing drive, set up by a long Damien Thigpen kick return, not even Kai has been put in a position to get any more points on the board.

In a minor miracle, Arizona has only put a dozen points on the board since that opening drive, despite questionable playcalling and a horrid display of fundamentals on the Bruin side of the ball allowing the Wildcats to rack up 373 yards of offense in the half, including 227 yards through the air by backup QB Matt Scott. Coleman and Franklin have looked fine when given the ball, but otherwise not much that can be said about the Bruin Offense. UCLA Bruins trail 7-19 entering the 2nd half, and are set to receive.