Winning Was Not the Most Important Thing on Saturday

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Yes, of course winning would have been great but something else was on our minds and filling our hearts yesterday.  We met up with Tyler and his father, Derek (Insomniacslounge) before the game.  What a wonderful boy Tyler is!  He is outgoing, friendly, sweet and has such an amazing spirit.  The amount of heart and fight he must have to overcome the obstacles he has faced, and continues to face on a daily basis, is inspiring.   Through it all, he has a beautiful smile on his face.

First, we went to the "Then, Now, Forever" tailgate party where former players go before games. Corey Paus spent a good deal of time chatting with Tyler:

Pat Cowan, Danny Farmer and a few others also stopped by to say hello. 

After the jump, I have some more photos and a video from Tyler's pre-game experience to share with all of you. 

After the tailgate, we headed down to the field to take in the pre-game warm ups and festivities. Tyler was all decked out in his Bruin gear and looked very cool in his sunglasses! 

Then we saw Danny Rees and Kai Forbath, who were more than willing to stop for a photo:

And here are Tyler and Derek with JJ Stokes!

James Washington spent most of the morning/pre-game with Tyler and posed for a photo on the field:

This was a very special moment.  Coach Neuheisel was leaving the field to go back into the locker room before the game.  He looked our way for a moment and he saw Tyler.  He immediately stopped and came back to talk to him and shake his hand:

We then went into the tunnel to wait for the team to come out.  You will see Rahim Moore and CRN come over to him and many, many players give him five on the way out:

We had such a wonderful time withTyler and even though the Bruins lost the game, our day was brightened by the warm and inspiring spirit of sweet Tyler.  Thank you, Tyler and GO BRUINS!!!

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