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Neuheisel On Defense: "We Have To Keep Track Of How Easy We Are To Scheme Against"

Coach Rick Neuheisel had his weekly press conference this afternoon and he had some interesting comments about defensive schemes.  Start watching this video around 6:50 mark (the excerpt here is a rough transcript of some interesting comments):

We have to keep track of how easy we are to scheme against. That is the case of all defenses. We have to have some counter punches. Every defensive coordinator will tell you that you can't just line up the same way because offensive coordinators ... get paid too. You have to find ways to create advantages.

Although CRN talked about need for "counter punches" he maintained that the coaches "cannot go overboard" because "at the end of the day it is about executing" the game plan. He then referred back to the need for "change ups" in defensive scheming. CRN said defense has to find ways to "create pressure" and not just relying on Akeem Ayers.

Pretty interesting comments to say the least.  He also talked about the defense "not tipping" it's hand against the offense in its scheming. Of course I found myself nodding when he was laying out his thoughts on defensive scheming. The question in my mind is whether Chuck Bullough is on board and whether he is keeping track of "how easy" his unit is "to scheme against" by Bruin opponents.