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Trying To Best A Decade Plus Of Failures Podcast (7 pm PDT)

It's been over a decade since UCLA went to Cal and beat the Bears at Memorial Stadium. A sloppy win over Washington St. has opened up some old wounds, but the Bruins are still riding a three-game win streak as they head up to Berkeley for a game versus Cal. At 3-2, the Bruins are in position to have a successful season, but this Saturday can perhaps do more than anything else to help UCLA get to that goal.

We'll take a look at what UCLA struggled with on Saturday and what they need to do to beat Cal on the road for the first time since 1998. The Golden Bears got beat up badly by Nevada's pistol offense, but UCLA's isn't at the same level as Nevada's and the Bears will have Mike Mohamed back. How does all of that change what the Bruins will do on Saturday? With a trip to Oregon to follow Saturday's game, UCLA is looking at perhaps their toughest stretch of the season and getting a win over Cal will not only buck recent history, but go a long ways to changing possibility of the Bruins getting to six or seven wins.

We'll have a guest from California Golden Blogs with us to help us get a feel for the Bears and the podcast gets underway at 7 pm PDT. This is your podcast open thread so add your comments and questions that we'll answer or work into the show. As is always the case, you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. If you can't listen live, give it a listen at any time after right above or a few hours after it's over, you can grab it from the iTunes store and add it to your iPhone or iPod.