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UCLA v. Cal - 2nd Half Thread, Will the Nightmare Continue?

Once again the Bruins look unprepared and started off without fire as Cal drove down the field without a problem to open the game.  It has not been better since that drive, as UCLA is  showing why we have not won against Cal since 1998.   We have had many bad penalties.   Shane Vereen has two TDs and a Franklin fumble has led to one of those TDs.   Cal is running the ball down our throats and our DBs are making too many tackles. 

Bright spots are few and far between.   Owamagbe Odighizuwa  has played well.  Moore has shown he can tackle and tackle well.  Franklin made a nice run and Josh Smith had a couple nice plays.  We have talent but except for flashes, aren't showing it.  

Will we continue to rollover in the second half?  Will the coaches get the team to play at a respectable level?  Or will this continue to be hard to watch?    Or will the cleansing thread represent optimism?