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UCLA v. NorCal: 7-70

<em>UCLA goes down to UC Berkley again.</em>
UCLA goes down to UC Berkley again.

For masochist's the box score is here.  The question now is where do we rank this game in CRN's embarrassing losses?   BYU 59-0.  Stanford 35-0.  Or today's entry CAL 35 to 7?  Really who cares.  The truth is this is this in inexcusable.   Because we have talent and we are better than this.   This is not acceptable, let alone twice in a year with the conference's best team next week.

To me this loss against CAL is particularly bad because CAL is a team that gives you chances.  They kept our "drives" alive with penalties.  They fumbled and threw passes that should have been INTs.  Our best play formation was a punt, because CAL roughed the kicker and fumbled a punt  Yet, it did not matter.  We came out flat and uninspired on defense.  CAL stopped the Pistol and we had no answer.

I know the players should play better. But a team that can win at Texas on the road and was called "one of the hottest teams in the country" coming into the game, should never look this bad. I put that on the coaches. Even our most consistent team, the Special Teams, seems to give up on Punt Returns.

The moral: no more "self evaluations", no more adapting to a new offense excuse, no more the QB is hurting, etc. NO MORE EXCUSES. It is time for the coaches to win games and put some pride back into UCLA.

Fire away.