Jake Locker Out With A "Broken Rib"

The news out of Seattle is not pretty for the Huskies:

Starting Washington quarterback Jake Locker will not play Saturday against No. 1 Oregon after suffering a broken rib in the Huskies' 41-0 loss to Stanford.

Redshirt freshman Keith Price will start under center and Nick Montana will be the backup.

Locker wasn't sure when he suffered the injury Saturday, but he said it was early in the game. He played the full game despite the injury and the lopsided score.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian said Locker suffered a cartilage injury against Oregon State on Nov. 16 and the injury progressed to a hairline fracture. The rib was broken when he took a hit against Stanford.

Sarkisian had previously denied reports that there was any fracture of Locker's rib, but said the injury was discovered prior to the Stanford game. Locker said last week that he felt fine and the decision was made to let him play.

"We did conduct an MRI as the weeks went on and it did reveal a hairline fracture," Sarkisian said. "But, under the guidance of our medical staff and in dealing with Jake and dealing with his parents, the decision was made to let him play."

Huskies, just like the Bruins will have a bye weekend following this Saturday before taking the field against on Thursday night on November 18. It will be interesting to see if Locker and the Husky coaching staff rush him back for the UCLA game (just like Kevin Prince decided to play against Cal even though he should have taken that game off).

I didn't share the Locker news to look ahead. I shared it as a reminder that the Bruins have a massive opportunity to regain the momentum of this turbulent season by making a stand against the Beavers this weekend at the Rose Bowl. I fully expect from Norm Chow and the UCLA offense to have a productive outing against the 9th worst pass defense in the conference . Similarly, we expect Chuck Bullough to get it done against an offense that is ranked 8th in the conference.

If the Bruins get it done this weekend, they could potentially have a serious shot to build some momentum going forward. First thing first though. Bruins needs to get it done against Oregon in what is shaping up to be a MUST WIN Saturday. No excuses.


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