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Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Took the liberty to turn Insomniac's comment into a blogpost. There is also more on official site's What's Bruin Blog. GO BRUINS. -N

Yesterday was yet another incredible day for Tyler. As soon as he arrived to the practice field, Coach Neuheisel called him over, gave him the coach’s whistle and had him lead the team out to their drills. He was also given a tour of the locker room, coach’s offices, film room, weight room, and given free reign over the entire field at practice.

At the end of practice, he was invited into the middle of the team huddle and given an official jersey (as well as a ton of other gear) and made an honorary team member. He then helped the team breakdown the end of practice and go over some administrative stuff before meeting with the media. I recorded a bit of that encounter on my iPhone. Unfortunately, with the wind, it’s a little tough to hear, but as a proud papa, I’d be remiss not to share the video.

Among Coach's many aphorisms, perhaps my favorite is, "Make each day your masterpiece." As Bruins, we were fortunate enough to have been led by a coach who lived that maxim out on a daily basis for almost 100 years. I’ve personally been fortunate enough to have a child who’s exemplified that philosophy for eight years. And our family is incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many people who have helped make living that ideal a reality. Thank you for that.