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Steve Lavin Thinks He Is The Phil Jackson Of College Basketball

Not making this up (emphasis added):

As the interview progressed, Lavin twice had to explain that former Purdue coach Gene Keady is a special assistant/adviser and not an assistant who will teach on the floor.

"He sits in and observes," Lavin said of Keady. "He can't instruct or teach on the floor."

"Oh, he can't go on the floor?" Francesa asked incredulously.

"No, he's an adviser."

"Oh, I thought he was going to be a full-time employee. He's not  full-time coach then, right?"

"He's a full-time employee. He's a special assistant to me. He'd be the equivalent of a Tex Winter for Phil Jackson."

OK, then.


Obviously there is no need for us to expose this fraud here on BN. If you still need to read up on why Steve Lavin is nothing more than the Blagojevich Of College Hoops you can go here, here, and read through all the posts here and here.

We can't wait till this clown prances into Pauley. Speaking of which, our game thread will go up around 6:30 pm PST. Enjoy opening night.