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BN Bye Saturday: Special Open Thread

<em>A huge game for ASU tonight when they take on Stanford.</em>
A huge game for ASU tonight when they take on Stanford.

So we have to go through yet another Saturday without Bruin football. Due to our quirky scheduling this season we only have one of those left (that last regular season game at the Rose Bowl). This means if you are just a fan of the game itself, you can somewhat sit back, relax and just enjoy the beautiful game. These games are also, good opportunities to scout out innovative coordinators who stand out to you from games across the country.

As usual there are some very interesting games today. 03rdn9 already listed his list of "top tier" games. SBN's Sean Keeley has his own list of "Must Eats." If you are getting started at 12:30 pm PST, the games to keep an eye on IMHO are the ones between Georgia at Auburn (CBS at 12:30 pm). It is going to be interesting to see how often CBS make references to the controversy around Cam Newton.  USC's visit to Florida is always fun (ESPN, 4:15 pm PST). It will be interesting to see whether Utah can get a win at Notre Dame (NBC, 11:30 am PST). Plus, I will prolly keep eyes on Stanford's visit to Arizona State (4:30 pm PST, FCS-Central/FSN-AZ) and track how San Diego State (with an interesting coaching staff) handles TCU (Versus, 1:00 pm PST). You can keep track of the full scoreboard here.

So if you are watching the games this bye Saturday, share your quick takes, observations right here is our special bye week open thread. Have fun.