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Coach Rick Neuheisel's Weekly Press Conference Video Notes

Thanks to UCLA for putting Coach Rick Neuheisel's weekly press conference on video. This is very helpful:

Coach Neuheisel talks about playing on Thursday night and provides his explanation for why UCLA scheduled two Thursday night games (on the road this season). I am not sure whether I buy his argument but I certainly appreciate the allure of recruiting pitches. Then again it will only work if we take care of business on Thursday.

Not surprisingly Neuheisel was also asked about his return to Washington. CRN mentioned how it is "water under the bridge" at this point and had nothing but glowing comments and memories about his time in Seattle.CRN made it clear he expects Jake Locker to start and a rainy Seattle evening.

CRN also talked about various injury related issues. Patric Larimore is out for the season as he is going to have shoulder surgery soon. More from ESPNLA:

"They all told me that if I don't get surgery, there's a very high probability that my shoulder will dislocate again," Larimore said. "That would result in permanent damage to my shoulder."  [...]

"It's hard because I was really hopeful to come back," Larimore said. "It just wasn't progressing. My shoulder wasn't getting any better. But I'm trying to get the surgery taken care of and focus on the rehab. At the same time, I still have to be a leader for this team and help Jordan Zumwalt."

I think Larimore becomes something like the 16th or 17th Bruin to have surgery this season, which is a surreal number. Larimore will most likely not be back till next Fall, which is tough news for him. Still we rather have him back - completely healthy - and not issue any long term risk to his shoulder.

BTW if you listen to the presser carefully you will note that only Tracy Pierson from actually poses football related questions drilling into various football related issues that we actually care about. While rest of the guys obsess over off field drama and story lines.

Make sure to watch rest of the video.