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Date(s) With Our Bruins In New York City

UPDATE (N): Villanova won tonight. So our first game is officially set with a matchup against Wildcats in NYC. This is going to be a huge challenge going up against the number 6 team in the country on what will essentially be their home (Big East) Court. GO BRUINS.

Thought folks would be interested in this information. Here is the updated bracket breakdown (pdf) of the 2010 preseason NIT tournament. As you can see our next game is going to be on November 24 (next Wednesday) at 6 pm PST (on ESPN2). We are going to take on the winner between Villanova and Boston University, who are facing off this evening at 5 pm PST ( The final and consolation game is going to be on November 26 on ESPN/ESPN2. Check the pdf link for times.

I know many have talked about taking on Villanova but we cannot assume that the Wildcats are going to be our next opponent until they are done with BU. On the other side of the bracket VCU is already in the semis. They are going to take on the winner between Tennessee and Missouri State. As I am blogging this the Vols are up by 4 points with around 3 mins left in first half. You can track today's scores here.

Bruins are going to have a huge challenge next week (especially as Malcolm Lee's status remains uncertain). However, they should also embrace the trip as a huge opportunity to get a quality win that would help their chances to punch out the dance tickets for March. So, anyway, if you are online tonight and are planning to track the game between 'Nova and BU, please consider sharing your thoughts and commentary here. Consider it an open thread.