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BN Gameday: Washington Second Half Thread

<em>Can Bre channel the DO? Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images</em>
Can Bre channel the DO? Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It is half time and the score is tied 7-7 in Seattle. Bruins had a nice drive in the first half going up by a score of 7-0 and then had a golden opportunity to take a strangle hold of the Huskies when Aaron Hester intercepted Jake Locker pass. Instead of going for the throat, Bruins played for the FG and got burned, badly. Bruins have 117 total yards against one of the worst defense in the country and 92 of those yards came in just one drive.

UCLA's offense looks vanilla, tentative and ugly. Bruin defense looks less than mediocre against a pathetic offense with a hurt QB. Their tackling has been a joke. In other words, the first half couldn't have been any uglier for the Bruins. It doesn't look like the Bruins are playing to win. We hope the Bruins will come out and play with a sense of urgency. We hope the coaches will lead our guys with courage and inspire them to aggressive. Guess we will see how the coaches respond and adjust in the second half. As mentioned in recent weeks their careers are on the line.