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Brehaut Returning To Practice This Week

<em>Brehaut will be "ready for practice" per Rick Neuheisel.</em>
Brehaut will be "ready for practice" per Rick Neuheisel.

Some good news for this Sunday night:

"He's been asymptomatic for a couple of days now and I would expect that he will be available," Neuheisel said Sunday night during his weekly conference call with reporters. "He'll be ready for practice and hopefully he'll be ready for the game." [...]

"The good news is that he's got no headaches," Neuheisel said. "He's had Saturday and Sunday with no symptoms, so they feel optimistic."

I am sure there will be more on this when Brehaut comes out to Spaulding. Good to hear he is doing ok. Again, let's hope the coaches and medical staff use maximum caution around him.