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Happy Turkey Day Bruins and a Big Thanks to N

As Nestor always liked to say, today is not just a day to gives thanks, but a day to give thanks and remember why its great to be a Bruin:

Photo credit: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Sadly, this is the first Thanksgiving here at BN with N at the helm, and while you folks have blown up N's stepping away post with praise and thanks, I think no one captures the sentiment of the collective Bruins Nation more than Meriones:

The last Thursday of every November is traditionally when we, as Americans, give thanks as a nation for all that we have been provided from above.

I propose that the last Tuesday or Wednesday of November be BN’s Thanksgiving — so that we can give thanks for the Founding Father of BruinsNation.

Nestor — from the bottom of my blue and gold heart, I THANK YOU for everything you’ve done. Your unbridled enthusiasm and unflinching analysis are the cornerstones of BN.
And your willingness to take a chance on this untested kid from the styx and let him pitch (i.e., post) up here in the majors will always be appreciated.


With that note, on this day of Thanksgiving, I want to give a special shout out and thanks to N, who has built this wonderful community with his unbridled enthusiasm for all things UCLA.  And the best way to thank N for all he has done is to keep this place going at full steam and no one highlighted that mentality better than CPOBruin:

Thanks Nestor for your hard work and dedicating in helping to build this community. I think what we have here is special and you deserve a lot of credit for your daily Spaulding Roundups, Post-game Recaps and all your other regular posts.

To the rest of us, let’s step our game up. Let’s try to keep or begin posting good quality articles. When we post analysis or reactions to a game, let’s come with a good take and have data backing us up. When we post a breaking story, let’s make sure it hasn’t been posted before, and make sure to have a good link. And when we need to vent, let’s do it in a civil way without taking cheap personal shots.

So, on that note, let's take today to count our blessings, give thanks, and enjoy the company of our families and friends.

Here's wishing everyone in Bruins Nation a happy and safe Thanksgiving!