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BN Gameday: Arizona State Game Thread

In 45 minutes, Rick Neuheisel's team will get to it in Tempe, fighting to keep their season alive and put them in a bowl game for the second consecutive year. If the Bruins want to keep at .500, they'll need to win out. We've discussed this game, the storylines, and how it breaks down all over BN.

Meanwhile, Howland's squad is battling VCU on ESPN2. If you want to drop by and post your thoughts on hoops, you can find the game thread for UCLA-VCU here. Kick-off for football is set for 12:30 p.m. PST on FSN, so make sure you either fire up the DVR or have the remote handy.

If you need to cram in some last minute game notes check out our game coverage. You can keep track of the game online via the official site and also the WWL game page.

As always, fire away with your thoughts, analysis, and observations. Let's hope the Bruins can keep our bowl hopes alive.