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Kickoff to Beat $C Week

That's right folks. It's time to put the deflating loss to Arizona State behind us.  Regardless of what happens this upcoming Saturday, this season was a disappointing step back and a big strike against Rick Neuheisel.  That being said, it's time to shift our focus to something every one of you should be feeling: beating the classless, cheating, scumbag a**holes from across town.

Yep, it's BEAT $C WEEK.

What does this mean to all of us Bruins?

As Chris Dufresne from the L.A. Times put it back in 2006:

How best to put this?

You are not a real UCLA fan unless the thought of knocking USC out of the national title game today makes you giggle out loud in an empty room.

This nexus of neurons got you through a half-day of work Friday before you feigned a scratchy throat, went home, turned out the lights and tried to channel Tommy Prothro.

Like breathing, this is a basic, involuntary, primal, rivalry instinct.

Obviously, things are a bit different in 2010.  U$C is on probation, banned from bowl games, and the Bruins are struggling and not bowl-eligible.  Despite that, this week should get every Bruin fired up to beat the hated Trogans.

As Nestor wrote just before 13-9:

This is a sacred game. We hope the Bruin Den, the young alumni section - all of you here who are heading to the Rose Bowl - are ready.

Every Bruin fan, no matter where you are needs to get ready for this game.  It's time to forget the struggles of the season (which we will of course shift back to the following weeks and months) and focus on one single goal:


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That's right folks.  It's time to remember this:

What took place after that touchdown all along the Trogan sidelines and the Coliseum stands, under Cheatey Petey's (and now his former waterboy offensive coordinator Lame's) leadership tells us all we need to know about U$C.  From the equipment managers jumping up and down, to their clueless fans belting out "We are SC", that should show every Bruin exactly what U$C is all about.

Every Bruin should have been remembering those images for the last 364 days. As fellow BNer BlueMe said following last year's game:

EVERY WAKING MOMENT between now and kickoff at the Rose Bowl [370] days from now, the focus needs to be KICKING SC's ASS!

And, despite the empty platitudes and season of seemingly meaningless coach speak, I know a lot of folks don't put much stock into what Rick says, but he's a Bruin, a guy who hates U$C as much as we do.  From the ol' Bruin walk-on QB:

"I don’t forget very much."

Neither does every Bruin everywhere in the world.  We are six days away from the showdown with the SCumbags at the Rose Bowl.  There's no bowl games on the line, no conference title implications.

Nope, this is just a good ol' "we hate you, you hate us, let's get it on" nasty dogfight.

The time to tear apart this season and figure out what to do to right the ship next year starts in 7 days.  For now, our focus needs to be on one single event 6 days from now.

It's time for vengeance.

Fire away with your rivalry week thoughts, reflections, anecdotes, etc. in the comment thread.

F**K '$C!