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Beat SC Podcast With Bruin Kevin Brown (7 pm PDT)

It's Beat SC Week and on the BN football podcast we have a special guest to help us ring in the week. Former UCLA defensive lineman Kevin Brown will join Josh to share his thoughts on the program and what it's like for a Bruin player the week of the SC game. It's a whole difference animal when it's the Bruins and Trojans so Josh will have a chat with Kevin and get down to what makes it so different from a player's perspective. Of course, with the program still needing to take several steps forward in the next couple years, the direction of the program will also be on the table.

I won't be able to make it on tonight's podcast but I'm just filler anyways. It's Josh and Kevin's show tonight and it should be a treat so make sure you tune in and give it a listen live tonight or later this week.

As a member of the team that upset UCLA, 13-9, Kevin will have plenty to talk about to kick off Beat SC Week. As is always the case, you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. If you can't listen live, give it a listen at any time after right above or a few hours after it's over, you can grab it from the iTunes store and add it to your iPhone or iPod.