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Getting Back On The Bowl Track Podcast (7 pm PDT)

Another loss and UCLA is on a three game skid. Not since they pulled through in the fourth quarter to beat Washington St. have the Bruins found themselves on the smiling side of the scoreboard, but the three game losing streak the Bruins are currently mired in also came in the toughest part of the UCLA schedule. The Bruins' final four games represent an easier portion to the schedule, but being the Pac-10, nothing is easy this year and the season's final four games begins on Saturday with a home game versus Oregon St., who can win the Pac-10 title if they win out. It won't be easy for the Bruins, but the Beaver defense has been far from impressive and they are without James Rodgers so UCLA has a chance to pull out a win and get them back on the bowl track.

The podcast gets underway at 7 pm PDT and AndyPanda from Building the Dam on to give us the lowdown on the Beavers. This is your podcast open thread so add your comments and questions that we'll answer or work into the show. We really do have this page open during the show and will do our best to tackle any topics, questions or comments you present. Let us gear this show to what you want to hear and are thinking about by chiming in.

As is always the case, you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. If you can't listen live, give it a listen at any time after right above or a few hours after it's over, you can grab it from the iTunes store and add it to your iPhone or iPod.