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Center Court: Ben Ball (Westmont) Open Thread

Guess, here we go.  Ben Howland will start his 8th and a crucial season as the basketball coach of UCLA tonight when the Bruins take on off tonight in the season's exhibition game. Westmont, an NAIA team from the Golden State Athletic Conference to start our two game exhibition season at Pauley. Westmont is a Santa Barbara school which happens to play in the same conference as Concordia (who we had to escape against with a buzzer beater from Mustafa Abdul Hamid).

The game is not televised. UCLA All-Access will carry this game online. You can get more details or sign up here.  Earlier today DC Bruins posted some game notes which you can read up here.  You can also read up on the official game notes here.

So let's get the threading started.  If you are watching the game on your computers tonight, share your first takes, impression right here on BN. We would also love to hear your takes on the new kids if you are logging on after coming back from the game. Fire away.