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UCLA Basketball: Bruins Run Away from Westmont

CBH yelled "Push It"  almost every play and UCLA did.  When the starters were in, Smith, Nelson, Honeycutt, Lee, Jones, UCLA was unstoppable except when they shot 3s. UCLA won 95-59.  That's right 95 points.

The box score is here.  A few notes on the box score.  We were 3-21 from 3. Most (except for a few by TH) of the threes were open shots.  We are going to need to run to score it looks like.  And  tonight it was easy, especially for the starters.  Most of our points were in transition.

Only bad news is Josh Smith sprained his thumb.

For once the pregame hype was right.  We did run.  We looked pretty good at it.  We did not look good on defense as CBH said.  A better team would have scored more.  But we were so much more athletic we were able to recover tonight. 

More on each player after the jump.

I think Smith had tougher games in high school.  Before he was hurt he was dominant.  He is so big.  Lane and Stover together may be as wide.  

Reeves looked like a James Worthy type filling the lane on the break.  He looked very comfortable running and led us with 20 points and 10 Rebounds. 

Honeycutt had a few awkward moments with a TO and a bad three but his being on the floor means a lot.  When Lee and TH went out, we sputtered. 

Lee led us in assists.  He was the guy out front when we ran it seemed.  He had no TOs and 5 steals.  You can see how he will really benefit from running more. 

Jones listens to CBH and pushes it.   Hard to say more.

Lane was the 6th man. He does not score in 24 minutes.  He looked good at times.  It was interesting CBH turned to him as the first sub and to start second half for a hurt Smith. 

Anderson made some nice shots but I am not sure he pushed it enough for CBH. 

Lamb was mixed.  He missed a couple open threes but looked good going to the basket.

Stover had 4 blocks and 5 rebounds to go with his 8 points.  He looked good on help defense but got pushed around a bit.  

Carlno was interesting.  He made a nice layup but missed two threes and a FT.  He also made some nice passes. 

Fire away this is just my thoughts from watching Bruin "Bank West" TV.